Emotional Rollercoaster: CD

Emotional Rollercoaster: CD

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Seefor Yourself's Debut Album "Emotional Rollercoaster"

  1. By My Side
  2. So Beautiful
  3. Emotional Rollercoaster
  4. Love 4 U
  5. Love Me Some Me
  6. U Must Love Me pt 2
  7. Champions
  8. My Sun
  9. FEEL

Executive Producer: Seefor Yourself Produced by Evan Palmer & Amon Flanagan *The Avila Bros Mixed by Seefor Yourself & Matt Marrin Artwork by Milk



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Emotional Rollercoaster RELEASE 4/25/2015  

Mark your calendars!! Seefor's debut album "EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER" dropping April 25th on iamSeeforYourself.com , iTunes, Google Play, and all digital platforms.  Physical copies will be available at the album release party at Mission Tobacco Lounge in downtown Riverside! RSVP on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/819395111463985/ 


Student Body Presidents presents....
Featuring select classics by Seefor Yourself and his group "The Outskertz" dating back to 2002. Get caught up to date on some history on volume 1 of this mixtape series. The Catchup vol 1 also has guest appearances by The Outskertz (Seefor & Burger), Fingazz, and Diamonique with production by Seefor Yourself, Fingazz, Evan Palmer, and Student Body Presidents. Please Download and Share
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Download "Occupy Radio" FREE 

DOWNLOAD THE "OCCUPY RADIO" MIXTAPE FOR FREE! featuring "Lights over Baghdad" x "Soul for Sell" x "Hey Joe" & "Call the Firemarshal" 
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Live Performance Video (Dr. Stank ft. Seefor Yourself) 

So.... My funky friend who goes by the name of Dr. Stank and I took a trip down to the WorldArts Discovery studio in Simi Valley to record a performance video for the release of their new site. Check us spazzing out with my brother DJ Joey C on the turntables. This is just a teeny weenie bite size idea of the Video we are about to drop on you for "Turn That $h!+ Up" from Dr. Stank's album "Stank of America" which is available on bandcamp NOW (so go get it). Until then, watch the video, leave a comment on Youtube for us, and Share it on your social networks. We had a blast filming it, I hope you get a good laugh watching it. 


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