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Student Body Presidents LIVE (Seefor/ Evan Palmer/ Top Shelf Brass Band)

Student Body Presidents LIVE (Seefor/ Evan Palmer/ Top Shelf Brass Band)

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purchase tickets online and i will leave at the door for you under your name.

***Purchase any Seefor T-shirt and Get FREE tickets to the Show on 3/7/15 at Mission Tobacco Lounge in Riverside.

Dyles Mavis STUDENT BODY PRESIDENTS (seefor / Evan Palmer / Top Shelf Brass Band / Burgertyme / Okie Doke )

Seefor Yourself & Devin the Dude LIVE!

Seefor Yourself & Devin the Dude LIVE!

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$5 SHOW!!!! Ill be opening up for Devin the Dude at the Observatory! Tickets will be under your name at Will Call.

Bring all your friends and WEAR YOUR SEEFOR YOURSELF SHIRTS!!!!!!!


Student Body Presidents presents....
Featuring select classics by Seefor Yourself and his group "The Outskertz" dating back to 2002. Get caught up to date on some history on volume 1 of this mixtape series. The Catchup vol 1 also has guest appearances by The Outskertz (Seefor & Burger), Fingazz, and Diamonique with production by Seefor Yourself, Fingazz, Evan Palmer, and Student Body Presidents. Please Download and Share
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Download "Occupy Radio" FREE 

DOWNLOAD THE "OCCUPY RADIO" MIXTAPE FOR FREE! featuring "Lights over Baghdad" x "Soul for Sell" x "Hey Joe" & "Call the Firemarshal" 
Just click on the BULL to download!!!! enjoy

Live Performance Video (Dr. Stank ft. Seefor Yourself) 

So.... My funky friend who goes by the name of Dr. Stank and I took a trip down to the WorldArts Discovery studio in Simi Valley to record a performance video for the release of their new site. Check us spazzing out with my brother DJ Joey C on the turntables. This is just a teeny weenie bite size idea of the Video we are about to drop on you for "Turn That $h!+ Up" from Dr. Stank's album "Stank of America" which is available on bandcamp NOW (so go get it). Until then, watch the video, leave a comment on Youtube for us, and Share it on your social networks. We had a blast filming it, I hope you get a good laugh watching it. 


Seefor Yourself $5 Show

Mission Tobacco Lounge, 3630 University Ave, Riverside


come out and support my homes Dyles Mavis at the grand finale of their MTL residency. Evan Palmer goes on at 930, then I'll be Rocking with the Top Shelf Brass Band and my SBP band at 1030. Should be a fun night and something-not-quite-the-norm!

Dyles Mavis will rock the house at 1130.

Tickets are $5

$5 Age limit: 21+


Blaze N Glory Battle of the Bands

Slidebar , 122 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton


I will be opening a can of whoop ass against anybody who wants

FREE SHOW...come support me and get ready to rock out. I'm trying to win a spot in the Blaze N Glory Festival!

Thanks team! PS. Wear your SEEFOR YOURSELF Shirts!!!

FREE Age limit: 21+


Seefor Yourself & Devin The Dude

The Observatory, 3503 S. Harbor Blvd , Santa Ana


$5 SHOW!!!!! I need to sell tickets so PLEASE order on the link on my homepage and i will leave tickets at will call!


email me if you'd like to help out with my promo team this evening! Thanks GANG!

$5 Age limit: All ages

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