Emotional Rollercoaster

Seefor Yourself

Seefor Yourself's debut release "Emotional Rollercoaster" .

WARNING below are RanDoM aSs ThouGhts about this Album....it truly is an EmoTiOnAl Rollercoaster.

After losing all of my studio sessions on my computer and back-up hard-drive, it was tough. I didn't like the state of Hip-hop at all. I questioned if I even wanted to be involved with the genre with all of the wack music that was coming out in the late '00s and the direction that the culture was headed in. I had been known as a battle rapper and wordsmith, but I was always very intrigued with storytelling and melody. I wanted to strive to get better at both.

Evan Palmer and I had been pushing our creative limits with all of the new technology coming out, combined with learning live instruments. Mentally, I was in a place where I was dealing with my father being sick, and not really loving my hip-hop culture. It was a very vulnerable and weird place to be in, which usually leads to awesome or atrocious creativity....lol..hopefully this is not the latter. One of my favorite parts of this album is a voicemail that I happened to save from my mom. It was from one of the previous times that my father's cancer had went into remission. When I was wrapping up this album, his cancer had come back and wasn't looking so great. In the end...I created this album for ME. I wanted to have something to reflect on later in life and remember where I was and how I felt. That's why I decided to start this album off with that voicemail from mom.

The last time that I ever saw my dad on his feet was right after I released this EP. My band and I were performing at the House of Blues at Disney, and my parents were in town from Texas....We fuckin' killed that night! We had a packed house and someone caught a pick of pops right in the middle of the crowd with his hat to the back and hands in the air. I'll forever be thankful. My hope is that something on this album speaks to you in some form or fashion. If it does, please don't hesitate to share it...that's what keeps me going.

Thank you for listening.

RIP pops.

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