Seefor Yourself - Emotional Rollercoaster (Video)

So, to make a long story....well's not went a little something like this.  The hommie Mark had just bought a new Canon camera, and wanted to shoot. I had an idea for a video: Let's go to the LA County fair and shoot a "point of view" video. I wrote up a little treatment and we went on a Sunday afternoon, because it was only $10 to get in after 5pm. The video budget was basically, the price of admission, some ride tickets, and Deep fried everything. Well, we also needed a girl that could pull this off....a few phone calls later = My lil' sister's friend said she was down, but when she showed up she just thought we needed a few extras. are the  video Taijha, and you did an awesome job. We also figured out how to use the camera WHILE shooting the video...Yeah I know...we are VERY My favorite parts are from all the employees (you can't miss Shout out to my folks that rolled through to get a lil cameo. We had a great time shooting it and LEARNED a ton. I hope you enjoy it. 

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The single also appears in the film "Lap Dance" so check it out if you haven't seen it yet! 

Produced and directed by Mark Karnes and Seefor Yourself
Edited by Jamie Hendon aka Milk for Kill the Giant
makeup and wardrobe by Ashley Askew and Damion Askew-Carpenter

Starring: Taijha Capellan 
Featuring: Aaron Geoghegan , Poseyedon, Jovan Sangalang , DJ Icy Ice and the fam, Ashley Askew, and the whole LA County Fair Crew.

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